Caring for your breasts while breastfeeding

For the baby can be fed without problems and both mom and child can enjoy that special moment, it is necessary taking care of the breasts.

breast care

Breastfeeding is a wonderful moment where mother and son communicate in a special way. But if the breasts or nipples are congested, irritated or cracked, that beautiful moment can turn into pain and discomfort for the mother and the sensation will be transmitted to the baby.

To avoid these discomforts just have to keep in mind a few guidelines, such as hygiene, lubrication, massage and breast care need to be no pain.

Tips for taking care of the nipples during breastfeeding

  • Every time you finish feeding your baby, sanitize your breasts very well with a towel with water, and dry with another nice and clean towel.
  • Always used protectors for your nipples, to prevent the fabric of the bras to hurt them. Changes guards followed.
  • Use clean bras every day and wash them and rinse well.
  • If you have irritated nipples, massage can relieve discomfort after feeding with your own milk or colostrum.
  • Always be aware of your breasts dry thoroughly, and avoid dry skin and very painful cracking.
  • If cracks have formed you, it is best to buy silicone protectors to be able to continue breastfeeding without pain, and the cracks can heal more quickly. You can also hydrate with your own milk, as it has healing properties.
  • Another way to avoid trouble is not to miss long periods of time without breastfeeding your baby, so you do not accumulate.
  • If you notice that your breasts are congested, removes excess milk you have. For them it is advisable that you first put a towel soaked in hot water over them and when the softer notes, press them gently to release the milk.
  • The milk you’re getting can store in a sterile container or in a baby bottle, and give it later.
  • Best to avoid the formation of stretch marks is to massage your breasts with almond oil, with gentle, circular movements. But do not forget to thoroughly clean your breasts before breastfeeding.
  • Breastfeed not always on the same side, it should be rotated, first one breast and then the other.
  • Placed the baby in a position such that he can suck by grabbing the nipple and areola completely, because if only grabs the nipple, may pull the same and hurt.
  • To lubricate the nipples, it is best to massage it with cream. While not toxic, it should remove before breastfeeding.

Do not be embarrassed to go to your doctor if you feel you’re doing something wrong or if you’re really upset during breastfeeding, they are professionals who can help us, good communication with the physician is essential for the proper development of this stage.