How to prevent flatulence

The causes of flatulence may be many, but generally depends on the food. Consider how to prevent gases and prevent overproduction of flatulence.

prevent flatulence

Definition and causes of flatulence
Flatulence is the condition which is called the ejection of gases from the body. Normally, have a characteristic smell unpleasant and sometimes produce noise. These gases are a mixture of bacteria and yeasts symbiotic located in the intestinal tract, and contain nitrate, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, and up to methane.

The body normally produces gases which must be expelled, either through the mouth or rectum, however, an excess of them is called flatulence. A curious fact is that, normally, the body expels an average of 20 gas (belching or flatulence) daily.

The causes of flatulence can be many, whether caused by disease, stomach, intestinal, poor diet, colitis, etc… Many times, flatulence comes with stomach pains and swelling. However, most people suffer due to an unbalanced power and high in sugars and carbohydrates (such as grain).

How to prevent flatulence
The best way to avoid flatulence is caring food. There are many foods that produce a lot of gas, as it is rich in carbohydrates; on the contrary the proteins produce less.

Some of the gas-producing foods are dairy (milk, cheese, cream, ice cream), and frying fats, vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, corn, cucumber, onions, radishes, cabbage, among others, artificial sweeteners, the legumes (beans), grains, and fruits such as prunes and grapes rich in soluble fiber. It is always best to eat only one or two gas-producing foods and maintain healthy diet avoiding saturated fats and fried foods.

Some tips to lower gas production, is to avoid drinking soda through a straw, avoid cigarettes and soda, try to eat slowly and small bites, and avoid chewing gum.

There are some people who are more likely than others to overproduction of gas, so you should take some tips to reduce flatulence and accompanying symptoms.