Back: 5 Steps to take care of fitness

Do you exercise daily? Much of the back pains are the result of a sedentary life. And it is not just poor posture, sitting cross-legged, with the back bent while it is in front of the computer or do not do stretching exercises – can end up by spending invoice to our back.

back exercise

Something as simple as walking at least half an hour a day, we will bring benefits and help us protect the health of our backs.

Lack of time is no excuse for not taking a few minutes of attention at our backs. Some simple exercises to get up and go to bed will help us regain our back flexibility and elasticity, while protect of discomfort as common as cervical pain or lumbar. In this case, the proposal goes through five simple exercises.


Cervical: Ten times a day. We sat in front of the mirror and put right hand on head and fold the right shoulder (as if hit the ear to shoulder). Try to not move or lift the left shoulder. Repeat the exercise with the other shoulder.

Dorsal: Ten times in the morning and ten times at night. We stand on knees with hands on the floor (a little above the shoulders). We take air and release it while we stooped to sitting on the heels without moving our hands. We remain in this position for 15 seconds and repeat.

Lumbar: Ten times in the morning and ten times at night. We sat in a chair with our back straight. We hold one knee and took it to the chest (keep it in this position 5 seconds). We repeat the process with the other leg.

Abs: Ten times in the morning and ten times at night. Laying on our back, place our hands on our belly and pressed, at that time we raise the trunk slowly. Fall supporting the blackish abdomen without blast-off the zone goes down the back of the soil.

Back: Ten times in the morning and ten times at night. We get on our knees and, with them to the hips and hands at shoulder height, lift the right arm and left leg straight. We put up 5 seconds and repeat the opposite (left arm and right leg).

Faced with a sore back, we must consult the doctor, but we must take into account, as experts say, the most common complaints that do not require rest, but exercise is recommended to activate blood circulation and the immune system.