Breast cancer: A curable disease

Breast cancer is the most common tumor type among women. In fact, doctors and specialists, estimated at one in 10 women suffer this type of cancer. When previously detected, the greater the chances of winning the battle and healing. Knowing the risk factors, like the programs or tests (mammography, breast self-examination), will help us to anticipate the diagnosis. Factors among which include not having children or having the first pregnancy after age 35.

battle against breast cancer

Delay of childbearing age is not the only factor that makes women more vulnerable to breast cancer, there are also others such as history of relatives (mother, sisters) with cancer, feeding (diet too rich in fats and proteins) and stress, one of the enemies of our being and can influence our lives and our health.

A risk factor, by the way, that has been objects of study by researchers in recent times noting it can not only affect the appearance of breast cancer but its development and increase the risk of metastasis. Managing stress, therefore, is another essential preventive point.

Advances in methods of diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with breast cancer allow talking about a very positive aspect, and it is that although the diagnoses have increased, also there has been a significant decline in mortality. A early diagnosis (with increasingly precise techniques, such as tomosynthesis, a new technique of three-dimensional radiology more accurate than digital mammography), a more personalized treatment are two of the premises to win the battle against breast cancer.

Regarding treatments that require surgery, according to medical data, it should be noted that only 30% of patients required mastectomy, and most can also perform reconstruction during the same operation.

Breast cancer symptoms

Symptoms or signs that should alert us to the risk of breast cancer are the appearance of a lump in the breast, in fact usually the most common reason for medical consultation; pain in the breast, exit liquid by the nipple, palpation a node in the armpit, warmth, redness or sores on the nipple. The early diagnosis and preventive measures are truly effective against breast cancer. Thus, among the recommendations, the examination of the breasts regularly and if possible, gets a mammogram at regular intervals from 40.