Advice for future mums

Once the women deliver other preoccupations come installed them after the fear and lived anguish during pregnancy. The new mothers often worry for the health of their babies, why cry? How to cure baby fever? How to manage sleep? Etc… Do not panic; take care of a newborn is something easy and with time it will become a normal spot.

take care of a newborn

Enjoy with your baby, with whom you will enjoy many happy moment: the first bath, first out, first smile, first meal … etc… To make your job to take care of your newborn easier, here are some tips:

  • Consult your pediatrician at the slightest concern, sometimes a phone call away to solve your doubts about the health of your baby.
  • Your secret weapon for calm in case of small pains, is to take your baby between in your arms, putting his head on your heart, he will feel better.
  • If opt you for breastfeeding your baby, you should be aware that the first few weeks will be difficult because the baby is not yet a stable schedule to eat and you are his only source of power. Enjoy moments to be close to your baby as soon and with the resumption of work after the maternity leave for some moms these moments will be more and more rare.
  • Do not worry so much for the weight of your baby as some babies are not chubby else, it’s important not to miss medical checks of your baby that will inform you of his health.

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