Fever in children, what to do

What is fever?
Fever involves the evaluation of body temperature over 37.4º C or 37.9º C using a thermometer and not the hand.

fever in children

What should we do before seeing the pediatrician?
Keep a comfortable room temperature, not making the child a lot of clothes, give him sugary liquids. Control temperature and deal with some antithermic with usual doses and intervals of time between each shot. Cold baths can reduce fever immediately but in moderation which means not compress with ice cubes.

When should you consult immediately?

  1. If the child has months of 3 months
  2. If the child is drowsy, tired or irritated
  3. If he has a convulsion
  4. Vomits and suffers from pain in his head
  5. If breathing is difficult
  6. If the temperature exceeds 40.5º C
  7. When spots are visible on the skin of the child.

Important issues

  • Fever in itself is not a disease but a sign that accompanies some diseases. It is not required to lower the temperature of the child using drugs unless it is disturbed.
  • Except newborn, low temperature is not a concern if it is not accompanied by other signs.
  • Fever can damage the brain if it is reaches 42º C.
  • The child with fever does not need to stay in bed, he can leave.
  • Medicines that lower fever do not deal with the problem, its only help the child feel better.

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