Women and thyroid

The disease in the thyroid can be silent and women have not been able to identify what suffer can cause them to death. So it is important that any symptoms, visit to the doctor to be sure that the thyroid functioning is correct.


There are girls who gain weight for no reason and find it difficult to lose or else there are others that also down for no reason and start to feel bad. Everything can be due to the thyroid gland, a gland that is responsible for the metabolic functions of the body and at any moment be altered, if not controlled or detected in time, generate serious consequences for women’s health.

The dysfunction of this gland is one of the most common problems in most women of the world and does not interfere age, just appears. The problem is that the symptoms are very mild in start and that is why there is no reason for concern, so when it fails to detect by means of a blood test, there are some complications. Most girls begin to suffer from hypo-or hyperthyroidism, confuse it with obesity, menopause if it exceeds 40 years or just consequences of depression.

Currently there is no cure for these syndromes, but if there are controls that must be rigorous in order to be able to handle it. When the disease is not controlled, it can get to be an alteration in all body systems and generate lethal consequences, so the quickest way is to start a treatment with hormone replacement to stabilize levels of which drive the thyroid part.

– Hypothyroidism is characterized by fatigue, sleepiness, cold intolerance, weight gain or which can miss quickly as it could have happened before, depression, feeling of having cold, periods or cycles altered or disordered, muscle pain, very dry skin and brittle hair as nails.

– Meanwhile hyperthyroidism have symptoms such as weight loss for no reason so eat normally, anxiety and irritability, very rapid heart rate, trembling hands, hair loss, a constant feeling of weakness and increased the desire to go to the bathroom to make the body.

For physicians and endocrinologists, the second type can be more risky but not as often, because it can produce uncontrollable arrhythmias and cardiac arrest percussion caps. Something that you can generate this soundness, is the indiscriminate use of thyroid hormone to achieve weight loss, and then in the middle of your weight loss, begin to unbalance the body.

One of the situations of most concern to endocrinologists is that women who are obese, the gland blame their excess weight, arguing that it is not because of them but because they are sick and do not realize the problem they have and it really is more linked to a eating disorder and not a change in their hormones.