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Why swimming is so good for body and mind

You can work longer with less pain and tension in the body
Insofar as the water supports the body weight, injured people, who suffer from obesity, or in an advanced age, can swim for prolonged periods without the voltage applied to the joints and bones. Moreover, swimming is one of the few sports that does not cause stress to the skeletal system.

swimming good for body

To be in a swimming pool, it is less likely to make contact with hard surfaces that can create tension in the body, because the movements are cushioned by a water barrier. Better yet, swim in a heated pool, the heat causes loosen joints and muscles, which help prevent injuries during training.

Tone your muscles

Water is 12 times denser than air, so swimming is much more effective for toning muscles than any other form of aerobic exercise on land. With swimming, you get the part of your cardio training while also are working in your muscle tone. Immersion in water creates a uniform and controlled resistance in the body, so do not worry about having to count or even repetitions. The amount of resistance is related to the force that pushes against the water, allowing you to control the amount of pressure and helps prevent the possibility of injury by using appliances or heavy dumbbells.

The pool improves your flexibility

Unlike a gym where machines are used to work isolated body areas, swimming allows you to use most of the muscles in your body. Swimming also helps to stretch and lengthen your body to go further with each stroke. Also, when stretching in the water, you find that are much easier than outside the pool. Adding to the proper water temperature, stretching can be much more effective.

It works in breathing

Unlike the dry air of the gyms, pools have a higher level of moisture in the atmosphere. Humid air makes it much easier to breathe, especially if you suffer from asthma. Some studies show that regularly goes swimming can improve asthma symptoms, even up to a year after that swimmer have left their swimming routine. But even if you are not experiencing any breathing problems, swimming can help increase the volume of the lungs and force you to learn proper breathing techniques.

Swimming also helps your mental health

As with other types of exercises, swimming releases endorphins that increase the sense of wellbeing. Furthermore, rhythmic movements and sounds of water make swimming very relaxing experience. It has been shown that the swimming produces the same “responses” that the relaxation of yoga, and the stretching and contraction of the muscles can enhance the experience. Swimming is also very conducive to meditation. Almost completely devoid of distractions, swimming can simply focus on your movements and breathing.

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