How to start your day

The wake up and start a day is the basis for a good or bad day. It is important. And here we explain how we rested for the night and what we expect from the day that we just started.

start day

First depend on what we take forward from the previous day. If we’ve taken a little care will be a major handicap for our health and fitness. Seek rest well enough to begin with as clean as possible the day, if to make matters worse we rest bad, can be a very difficult to shoot during the day.

The best way to go to bed fully quiet and without concerns is the leave everything done. If you have to finish some work, or pick up the house, better to invest a time before bedtime that waking up in the morning “obligated” to finish what did not end yesterday.

If you have to get up at a specific time, try to set the alarm half an hour before the time you need. This will help you wake up slowly, start thinking about what to do during the day and get your body used to waking. On the contrary, would rise with rush and almost with the body still asleep.

The breakfast is something very important to start the day very strong. Try to take natural products, orange juice, yogurt, oatmeal or any product with protein such as ham or egg can give a strong boost to your day.

Before or after breakfast (best done before) can do some form of exercise to activate your body. We say it is advisable to do so before breakfast so that the body finishes burning the previous day.