Proteins, sugars and fats: Base of our nutrition

All foods in a balanced diet, are formed by basic nutrients: protein, sugars and fats, they are responsible to provide nutritional balance to our body. As we all know, the engine of our health is the stomach, due to bad habits produced by modern life, it costs us to maintain a good standard of living: eating fast food or eating unhealthy or abusive.

protein food

Meat, fish and vegetables are among the foods that contain protein (there are animal and vegetable proteins), milk, eggs and sausage are those containing fats, fruits, grains and starches are those that have more content in sugars or carbohydrates carbon.

Each one of them has a mission in our body:

Proteins: its essential for our body growth and repair damaged tissues.

Sugars and fats: Produce calories that our body needs, i.e. energy. The calories that produce the sugars are consumed fast; while those of fats, more slowly, acting as a store of them, when they are needed.

All these basic nutrients, along with vitamins and minerals are the basis of all our nutrition. All this affects the beauty, so that with good nutrition can improve our figure, which is that everything is based on eating good food and well structured that causes an improvement in our health. If we want to be healthy at all times, we have to do is a balanced diet, based on the pillar of power, so it is a good option to go to a nutritionist, if we do not know what to eat, so that can help us.