What to eat to have stomach pain?

Do not worry, have stomach pain is not uncommon, and less if you play sports, even if you keep a good diet, can have moments that our stomach decides to have a few headaches and remember its existence. Before this, if we do not want to go to the doctor why aren’t pains very deep and consecutive, we can take various alternatives to minimize this pain, although it is clear that much pain in stomach, should seek medical advice immediately.

stomach pain

For starters, you may have eaten undercooked fish and have a Anisakis in the stomach, for example. On the other hand, you should stop smoking if you smoke because it makes secretes more acid in the stomach. Avoid foods such as tomatoes (raw or fried), onion, and foods high in protein and/or fat. You can also eat pasta, cereals (but not excessively), grilled fish, grilled meat (no oil or cuts with Bacon too) all kinds of vegetables except those mentioned, beans, green or white beans, salads, egg, etc.. Always respecting the meal that has little protein and/or fat. Oh, and requested a second opinion! (If you can, to a specialist).

Other factors of stomach pain is probably something you have the stomach prone to burning, for example, to support bad heavy food and not take well what they are gaseous, in this case, it is best left for a few days to take drinks of this kind, and given good water binge, similarly, in the same way nor are they good friends the sauces or something spicy products can directly destroy any stomach for a longer imagine doing something painful in this case, at any pharmacy have good products, such as pills that can help digest these pains.

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