What is BDD?

What are we talking about when we say BDD? It is a disease that causes those affected in dealing with a disproportionately themselves. Normally often related to a physical defect almost imperceptible, but ending it haunting to the person that suffers from.


You can treat an incipient baldness, an imperfect nose, a slight cellulite, or any other part of the body deemed to not be perfect. However, common sense says that this is a slight imperfection, and quite normal, especially after a certain age.

For these people, it is a living hell, as it becomes obsessive, impossible to overcome. Even when a doctor or someone says his fitness is normal, your brain is able to get the message, but its rejects emotional intelligence.

In the best case, the opinion of a specialist can reassure the moment, but then start again the anguish, all caused by the imagination. The same applies to a surgical intervention or any other type of aesthetic method. The anxiety returns to appear immediately.

These people imagine that everyone sees only his faults, who laugh at them, not to be seen together, they are repulsive, which may not carry a love life ever normal in these conditions.

For many miracles that cosmetic surgery can be performed, the result will never be expected. The discomfort what is considered insufficient, or bring anguish to another area of your body. Their discomfort is a deep anxiety that expresses itself in a lack of confidence and love in own physique.

For this reason, cosmetic surgery is not recommended in discomfort people. The treatment is somewhere else, psychotherapy to decrease anxiety, or medical treatments (antidepressants, Prozac, and others) for the style that may help reduce symptoms.

This disease suffers from both women and men, and still rising. Indeed, beauty is no longer a kind, to become an obligation that is an indispensable criterion for success in life.

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