Bach Flower Therapies

Bach Flowers have no risk of toxicity or contraindications. There is no kind of placebo effect or tolerance. Bach Flowers can be used worldwide.

Bach Flower Therapies

Mother’s essences are presented in liquid form, and can be taken separately or associated to each other (the mixture should not exceed 6 or 7 flowers).

For better conservation, it is advisable to keep the products in a cool, dry, sheltered from sunlight.

Two possible uses:

Pure Intake: This method allows to treat the emotions of this, usually related to an accurate and timely event. The intake is two drops in the mouth, two to four times daily, or more if you see necessary.

The duration of treatment may vary, depending on the intensity of emotions of each person, and the improvement to be perceived. It is also possible to mix two drops of various elixirs into a glass of water, which is due to sip throughout the day.

Diluted Intake: This method corresponds to a background treatment and past behavior can treat deeper. The solution is prepared with 2 drops of each elixir (6 to 7 as a maximum) in a jar to account drops of smoked glass of 30 cc, filled in its ¾ parts of water and alcohol of fruits or cognac quarter to preserve the mixture.

The dosage is four drops under the tongue four times daily, giving priority to the intake in the morning and evening, and so for 3 weeks minimum.

These two types of treatment are not incompatible. The pure elixir to control negative emotion on time, the solution can reach deeper and intimate level.

Bach Flowers help you find emotional balance. It is an excellent aid to find inner peace and harmony. If you use a flower that does not fit the emotion expressed, there is no risk because your emotional state is already balanced.

Finally, it is no use increasing doses, since the effects are not proportional. In any case, the Bach flowers can be substituted for a medical treatment.

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