Ways to protect joints

Joints are the places in our body where bones meet, thanks to these we can perform various functions such as running or jumping, but as time goes on our joints are susceptible to wear and the arthritis. Therefore it is important to take care of our body and protect joints to maximize its use, mobility and function for as long as possible.

protect joints

Over time, even normal, healthy joints deteriorate, but the effects can be minimized by following these basic steps. And if your joints are already with some discomfort, the following tips in this article will alleviate the pain and make your life a little easier.

Work comfortably influences joints
Many of us spend much time sitting at desks in front of the monitor. To create a good working environment, do not use a chair too low. The larger, less you have to bend the back to enter and exit it, your knees and hips will appreciate it.

Take time to organize your work so that you feel comfortable in a variety of positions: keyboarding, reading the screen with your hand on the mouse or type on a table surface. Make sure your elbows and forearms with comfort, and rest your thighs parallel to the ground (if it is more convenient, it is also good to have the knees slightly higher than your hips, using a footrest). It is important not to have a desk and chair that restricts natural movement.

The posture and joints
Although our bodies have to bend and twist in all sorts of ways, our body is designed to be kept in a specific position. To maintain good posture, muscle and skeletal system work together to put less strain on your joints.

This takes a little effort for most of us. But good posture limits to their bones rub against each other unnecessarily in the joints; this prevents or postpones the onset of arthritis. Once you’re used to a healthy posture, your muscles feel less stress.

Do not abuse your joints
Make a balance between work and rest. Working too long without a break, your joints will suffer. The same happens to come to rest for long, you can find the same problems, because your joints have hardened. When at rest or working in a sitting position or still, remember to move from time to time and keep joints flexible.

Soaking in a hot bath for joints
Heat soothes and relaxes the muscles and joints, and water gives the joints a rest. Enjoy massages these are ideal and will get many benefits to your joints, as well as lower levels of discomfort and increase grip strength.

Acupuncture to relieve joint
Acupuncture is believed to stimulate the release of endorphins that block pain in your body, that is to say, the signs of pain in the joints are not received. During this treatment that lasts for a maximum of one hour. These needles can be heated or even lead to a slight electrical current to help relax the muscles. Although the scientific data are still scarce in relation to acupuncture, there are many doctors and patients who believe they can help with the symptoms of arthritis. Pain relief can help you relax, which means that the joints can relax.

Working all joints
When physical work to do, try to give the smaller joints of your body a good rest, while its major joint underway. When lifting something from the floor, bend your hips and knees to protect the vertebrae of the spine. It is also advisable to use instruments or tools for certain tasks.

Eating healthy and joint health
Body weight plays an important role in the health of joints: The less even, less pressure is placed on the joints. When you walk down the stairs, knees absorb a force of up to five times the body weight. A healthy diet is one way to keep off the excess kilos.

If you are a heavy coffee drinker, you may want to consider reducing or change to a mixture of half caffeinated coffee. Caffeine has been shown to weaken the bones, and the weaker bones lead to weaker joints. Nutritional supplements like glucosamine can help relieve joint pain. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish and nuts, can help reduce inflammation of the joints. Calcium, which can be obtained through vegetables like broccoli and spinach, help prevent and reduce bone loss. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium from the foods you eat. Your body produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, so people living in colder climates may need to take supplements.

Stretching and regular exercises
The stretching of your joints is very important, does not have to be an extreme stretch marathon, just take a moment of your free time to exercises of the fingers, wrists, arms, ankles and everything that you will use for the rest of your life. Try to move your joints through full range of motion, provided it does not cause pain. You can do this through the use of robust domestic objects to provide support as you rotate smoothly, stretches and warm-up exercises. With regular stretching, joints will not only maintain mobility but it will be more agile.

Toning muscles helps joints
It will not be possible to have strong joints without some muscle to back them up. Muscle and connective tissue surrounding the joints providing support, stability and guidance through the range of motion. Thicker bones equal fewer problems in the future.

Toning also improves your balance, i.e. the joints are less likely to suffer an injury in a fall. Gaining muscle will also help you lose weight. Seek the advice and guidance of a personal trainer to show you how to properly perform exercises that will build muscle you need to protect your joints.

Physical activity, age and joints
As the years pass we must take extra precautions in physical activities we do, whether biking, bowling or aerobics, not jump in with both feet. Take it easy at first and gradually increase the demands on your body. Use appropriate safety equipment such as knee pads, elbow pads, helmets. Excessive force may cause damage to the joints.

Plan your day and organize activities so that not everyone is grouped. If you have multiple projects, set an intense between two simple tasks to your joints have rest. Do not overestimate how much you can manage your joints. Your joints will thank you for having thinking of them.