Tomato: Essential for health and beauty

The natural tomato is one of the richest foods in our diet. However, and despite what many people think, not only is good for our health because they have many properties that make this a perfect supplement for our body, but also have very important properties for different beauty treatments. In this article we show not only the nutritional properties of the tomato, but also some other trick to maintain a perfect complexion using this delicious fruit orchard.

benefits of tomato

There are fruits and vegetables that are essential for its numerous properties, for the proper functioning of our body in our diet. For this reason, we strongly recommend that occurs a higher intake of them and that we try that child incorporate it in their diets.

What are some of these foods? For example pineapple, which by its properties is very beneficial for our body and for those who want to go on a diet? Another example could also be studs, which are purifying and light, and very healthy since they have little fat. On the other hand, artichokes, watermelon, banana, peach or tomato, they could also be classified as good foods for our body.

What are the benefits of tomato to our health?

  • Improves eyesight.
  • Support good health by improving intestinal flora.
  • Help on the problems of diabetes.
  • It helps to urinary tract infections.
  • Contains large amounts of antioxidants that are effective against certain types of cancer.
  • It is a source rich in vitamins A, C,Y, K and minerals that help mainly to combat cardiovascular disease.
  • Reduces cholesterol and protects the heart.
  • It helps to maintain a perfect set of teeth.
  • Protects the skin against UV rays.
  • Prevents gallstones.

What other uses can give the tomato?

Apart from the nutritional benefits, especially good for our body, the tomato has a multitude of uses that may not know. It serves not only to eat it raw as an accompaniment, or a light salad, or also as an ingredient for a sauce, but it is also especially important for the skin.

How to make a tomato mask for clear skin?

The way to make the mask and apply it is very simple. We just have to pick a tomato, peel it, crush it and apply it on the forehead, nose and chin. 15 min later we will remove with warm water.

How to prepare a tomato mask for acne?

For this we need:

  • Two tomatoes.
  • Two tablespoons of sugar.
  • One tablespoon of lemon juice.

Method of preparation:

  1. Grind the tomatoes peeled and proceeds to grinding.
  2. Lemon juice and sugar is added.
  3. Apply it on the face and the area where you want to eliminate acne.
  4. Wait 15 minutes and remove it with water.

If you do it three times a week, you will notice the effects.