Tips for caring vision

Not only are the windows of the soul, but that through them we distinguish every detail that surrounds us and we toured the world observing their beauty. But can you take care of your vision?

caring vision

There is one aspect that you pay close attention, and in fact many people delay great time going to an eye doctor once they have detected they are not seeing as clearly as before. We know that sometimes the routine imposes a frenetic pace, but take care of your vision is important, especially if you work long hours at a computer or reading piles and piles of documents.

Therefore we recommend that you put these tips to protect your vision and ensure your eye health:

  • If you work a lot with computers leveling monitor light intensity and uses a shield, thus avoid fatigue and gradual deterioration of sight.
  • It is very important to use eye drops to refresh your eyes, especially late in the day and during seasons like summer or winter, which tend to dry. This will force your vision much less and feel more comfortable.
  • Do not force an unnecessary vision: reading in low light, zoom in or out too much from the monitor, etc.. If you think you have difficulty on reading or distinguish objects not worth that fight against the current, visit to an eye doctor and find out if all is well with your vision.
  • If you already wear glasses, remember that it is appropriate to visit the eye doctor every two years if you have no other health problems that affects vision, and annually if you present conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or glaucoma.
  • If you take care of your weight and food will be much easier to maintain healthy vision, as tension problems, as problems of stress, diabetes and other heart conditions can significantly affect our sight.

Follow these tips and keep your eyes healthy every day.