Healthy fats that favor us

To say that fats are bad is a common mistake that many make when talking about nutrition. While there is some truth also beneficial fats and we will present them.

healthy fats

Not that fat is harmful, excess fats in the diet are harmful, like any other nutrient, vitamin or ingredient can cause damage to our health if consumed in large quantities.

Our body needs fat to function and get the right energy that allows us to face the daily grind, but should be consumed in moderation and opt for those foods with good fats intake. What are they? Here we suggest you add to your diet five key options:

Avocado: It is one of the sources of most known beneficial fat, in addition to being great in salads or as an accompanist. Full of fiber, vitamin E and nutrients is perfect to regulate the levels of blood sugar, medium avocado enough to benefit from it.

Coconut oil: Less popular than other oils is a great ally to fight the bad fat, protect the liver and get rid of the virus infection, certainly a fantastic health ingredient you can add to your salads.

Natural Pipas: It is rich in vitamin E and zinc, we meet for a while and offer a good supply of healthy fat in our body.

Olive oil: the king of kings when we talk about good fats for the body. Protect heart, promotes intestinal transit and liver care, considered one of the best natural oils that we consume.

Add these beneficial fats to your diet and enjoy a healthy dose of energy and health.