The Reiki: All its properties!

The word Reiki comes from Indian classical language (Sanskrit), universal meaning energy (Rei) and vital energy (Ki). It is a technique that channels the energy and transmits it to our body to generate the balance inside.

reiki properties

Many of its properties have been discovered in recent years. And that is why we want to emphasize the importance of Reiki; it is a technique that has spread very quickly. But let’s find out what are its benefits to be able to extract the divided maximum.

To start the help we can get Reiki can be both physical and emotional. Physical level improves colds, headaches, burns, injury, discomfort, stimulates the immune system, accelerates the healing process of scars, etc…

On an emotional level is used to improve anxiety, insomnia, stress, emotional problems, emotional blocks to combat and eliminate negative energies both the person and in places. But the Reiki is not used only to repair or improve.

It is also very useful to help human beings in their personal growth, to increase creativity and imagination, confidence and self-esteem. The positive energy flowing in our body is a powerful healer and a great motivator. Proper application of Reiki will help us to have harmony and balance.

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