The eggs and cholesterol

The eggs and high cholesterol have always been a bad mix. But how much truth there is in that statement? Really if you have high cholesterol can not you eat eggs? Read here and learn more about it.

eggs and cholesterol

The truth is that the perception of eggs has changed in the field of nutritionists. Previously used to say that people with heart disease should not eat more than two eggs a week, but now, up to four eggs are allowed. If you do not have high cholesterol, diabetes, or other heart disease, can eat up to six, of course, if you accompany it with a healthy diet.

One large egg has about 186 mg of cholesterol. This is almost the maximum daily total of a person with heart disease. So if the day you eat one or two egg, you should try to reduce other sources of cholesterol such as red meat, cheese and butter. The way to prepare them is also important. It’s not the same if you eat two boiled eggs to which you eat them soaked in oil.

The nutritionists recommend eating them boiled, passed by water or frying pan with oil spray. And remember, all the cholesterol found in the yolk, so if you want to eat more than your daily serving, of course you can, but you should eat only the whites.

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