The allies to relieve menopause

It is one of the most dreaded stages by women, but its annoying symptoms can be controlled if we are convinced eat well and with intelligence.

relieve menopause

While it is important to properly nourish throughout our life, pregnancy and menopause are certainly times when we will need more care of our diet. And believe it or not what you eat can make a difference, relieving the signs of menopause, and making you feel much better.

In the beginning you should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to obtain from them the amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants that your body needs. Broccoli and spinach are light options and very flattering for your body, contain fiber and composed of a lot of fluid which will make you feel quenched and eat less.

The pineapple, apples or mangoes are also healthy options for this period. Limit the consumption of red meat because of its saturated fat content and prefer to fish, especially the blues, so you can absorb its generous contributions of omega 3.

Not to neglect the ingestion of calcium is fundamental, that’s why do not leave aside the portions of milk, cheese and yogurt (preferably low-fat or light versions), to absorb what you need.

Furthermore we suggest that if you are experiencing the first symptoms of menopause you go to a nutritionist, who can guide you with a balanced diet that will make you feel much better during this period.

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