The advantages of having private health insurance

Sales of private health insurance have increased exponentially in recent years. One reason for this increase is that society increasingly given more importance to their health and therefore appreciates the advantages of having private health insurance.

private health insurance

Here are the advantages of having private health insurance:

  • The private healthcare network is high quality care, comprehensive and efficient.
  • No waiting lists to see a specialist or to be involved in a hospital.
  • Quick access to all kinds of medical tests and diagnostic.
  • Advantageous tax and labor standards for health insurance.
  • Personalized health care.

Furthermore, most of the health insurance company provide the below facilities:

  1. Hedging with medical guide or reimbursement of expenses.
  2. Extended coverage continues according to social needs.
  3. Maximum performance coverage.
  4. Maximum ease of processing forms and tests.
  5. Maximum comfort for patient and companion during clinical income.
  6. Importantly, the patient will have a single room with bed and breakfast for a companion.
  7. Free health card at no additional charge per visit or service. There is no co-payment.
  8. Discounts for family number of components, frequency in the low payment and service utilization.
  9. Urgent Care, 24 hours a day.
  10. Personalized medical advice (phone or email).
  11. Second opinion consultation with the best world specialists for serious diseases.
  12. Elimination of deficiencies for insured persons from another entity.
  13. Commitment clause of not unilateral termination of policy to the insured.

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