Teeth Whitening: Am I be a good candidate?

Nothing is more powerful and attractive than a beautiful smile with neat teeth. And is that new aesthetic treatments allow this reality is also at your fingertips but before … How to know if we are the ideal candidates to submit to a teeth whitening?

teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is without doubt one of the hottest treatments in recent times, the madness of celebrities and anyone who wants to look a smile with envy. But the reality is that not everyone can opt for this procedure and that before doing this is important to pause to analyze some aspects.

Several types of bleaching and the decision about which is best suited to be made by a specialist based on the condition of the teeth, the patient’s expectations and techniques best suited to that reality, so detailed examinations and radiographs are elemental part of the process.

Beyond that it is important to know that if you have fillings, crowns or previous dental treatments of this type, the same ones will not be whitened therefore it is possible that after determining with the process it is necessary to replace these parts.

Not all women are candidates for whitening, those with sensitive teeth, are pregnant or breastfeeding process, have developmental defects of enamel, cracks in a tooth, active caries or periodontal diseases that have not been treated yet can bring the process without first correcting or overcoming these stages.

If you do not go in this group and you’re really evaluating the possibility to submit yourself to this process then recalls follow the instructions of your specialist and then take steps to preserve the work. Avoid citrus products, consumes food of clear tonalities (forget for a period of red fruits, red wine, etc.), and sets aside snuff and the consumption of coffee and protein, at least for a period.

Are you the perfect candidate for whitening? Then get ready to smile without fear!

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