Yellow teeth? How to get rid…

yellow teeth

The smile is a valuable part of our face and personality. Weapon of seduction, demonstration of our happiness and our joy of life, we will like to show it in all its glory. There are, however, sometimes small problems: small yellow spots on teeth are obscure our smile. These spots cause slight discomfort which quickly disappear expression “toothy smile”. It is possible to hide those little imperfections.

yellow teeth

Yellow teeth: why?
This may surprise you, but the teeth, except at birth, are rarely white. In general, and often they are gray … yellow.

Two main reasons cause yellowing of teeth:

  • First, it can be a simple act of nature at birth. For difficult to grasp, and are apparently not hereditary reasons, some people are born with big yellow spots on teeth. In this case, it is the same color of the enamel is yellow, which makes more difficult as possible bleaching.
  • The second cause of yellowing of teeth is simply the passage of time.

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