Yellow teeth? How to get rid…

The smile is a valuable part of our face and personality. Weapon of seduction, demonstration of our happiness and our joy of life, we will like to show it in all its glory. There are, however, sometimes small problems: small yellow spots on teeth are obscure our smile. These spots cause slight discomfort which quickly disappear expression “toothy smile”. It is possible to hide those little imperfections.

yellow teeth

Yellow teeth: why?
This may surprise you, but the teeth, except at birth, are rarely white. In general, and often they are gray … yellow.

Two main reasons cause yellowing of teeth:

  • First, it can be a simple act of nature at birth. For difficult to grasp, and are apparently not hereditary reasons, some people are born with big yellow spots on teeth. In this case, it is the same color of the enamel is yellow, which makes more difficult as possible bleaching.
  • The second cause of yellowing of teeth is simply the passage of time.

Coffee, wine, cigarettes, these are all elements that use enamel over time and pose on your teeth a slight yellowish color. Easier to repair, this is nevertheless impossible to avoid. It is only possible to slow down or hide it! A diet richer in calcium will slow, but not completely eliminate these yellow spots. We can not unfortunately anything against the passing of time!

How to slow down or hide the yellow spots
The process of yellowing teeth is unfortunately inevitable, however, it is possible to slow down or hide those little imperfections. Some companies will offer miracle products to adjust your yellow teeth problems. And as always, you say that the time and a simple little routine often prove much more effective!

The most formidable weapon against yellowing teeth is just good old brushing teeth! Brushing at least twice daily will keep your enamel in good condition as well as eliminating the negative effects of coffee or other food that you consume during the day. To do this, regular toothpaste wills quite the case. Certain dentifrices pretend to have a power of greying of teeth. This is not wrong, but they do not whiten your teeth more than regular toothpaste!

Whitening strips
There are also several products on the market such as whitening strips. Very easy to use, it is a question of putting down one of these bands on teeth during some minutes, and it, during several days. These bands will prove to be very efficient if you simply want to whiten the yellow stains caused by wear and feeding.

It should however be careful not to overdo it on the frequency of these treatments. The strips contain peroxide, which, if this product is used too frequently, damage your teeth long term. Certainly, they will remain white, but is better to have the teeth of whiteness less glowing than teeth that will fall faster than expected!

Dental treatment
Sometimes the yellow teeth are just naturally at birth. They are not yellow because of the time, but just by a chance of life. However, in these cases, whitening strips or good brushing teeth will prove unfortunately not effective or perhaps will it be only temporarily.

If this is the case, well, your best ally is the dentist. Certainly more expensive, but you have the assurance of having white teeth permanently. The treatment that will incur will be much more powerful than the simple whitening strips. Subsequently, we will focus a good scaling and a thorough cleaning twice a year.

Healthy Teeth
It is often a direct link between healthy teeth and white teeth. This reflex is wrong! The teeth are not white and a birth defect does not want to say anything that is not your teeth in perfect health. Having beautiful white teeth has much more aesthetic than health.

Before yellowing means a deterioration of teeth, you will have attained a very venerable age. Still, afford to toothy smile is nice. To do this, always remember these tips from very simple basic:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Do not spend more for a toothpaste that claims to whiten your teeth. The important thing is simply to brush your teeth regularly.
  • Try to avoid smoking. Among all causes wear, it is with the coffee, which is the most damaging.
  • Whether for yellowing or any other problem, visit twice a year to the dentist will ensure a healthy beautiful teeth!

With this little routine, you will have a smile without complex! Keep in mind that the yellowing of teeth is all that there is a more natural, more than white tooth. Do not be too hard on yourself and your wallet. A good toothbrush, two appointments at the dentist and your teeth will be whiter than white!