Alzheimer: Disorders of eating behavior

eating disorder

It is a common problem among patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease characterized by the deterioration of intellectual functions, primarily memory, but can also be affected other areas such as language, the ability to make decisions or carry out everyday tasks, attention, changes in mood, behavior and personality. In this case, we will focus on a specific disorder associated the eating behavior. How can we help to prevent it?

eating disorder

The problems of eating behavior in patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease may be due by overfeeding or malnutrition, through rejection of food behaviors, difficulties in swallowing or play with food.

We can not forget that we are in patients with memory problems and guidance, so their habits and how they behave at mealtime can be see disrupted, come to forget in a given phase of the illness if eaten or how successfully use cutlery. It’s a direct consequence of the disease, the same way you can also have sleep disorders or depression. The diet should be balanced and adapted to their needs.

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