Swollen belly? How to stop feeling full!

It is one of our worst enemies to sit at the table. The feeling of having the swollen belly can be so unpleasant that we often cause pain and nausea. To forget once and for all this uncomfortable feeling, next we discover some effective tricks that you can implement.

swollen belly

Very different causes are those that can cause swelling or bloating. To prevent it, there are some simple habits you can follow.

There are certain foods that can harm our stomach, causing heartburn, flatulence or awkward discomfort. This occurs when consumption exceeds fried or too fat foods, vegetables such as tomatoes, raw onion or vegetables like cauliflower. Yes, avoid soft drinks.

To facilitate your digestion is necessary to distribute food intake in five rounds. Although it is something that the nutritionists are never tired of repeating to facilitate weight loss, with the stomach the same thing happens. You will metabolize better the meals and will diminish the abundant intakes.

Eat slowly
The pace at which we eat is a very important factor. Eating slowly is essential for good digestion. The main meals of the day may not have lasting less than half an hour and it is advisable to take a small break between dishes. Start by chewing food well: Nutritionist’s advices swallow when the bit is completely shredded. If you get trouble, try to count 30 before swallowing. It works!

Fluid retention
One of the major factors that cause the swelling is feared retention. One of the most common reasons that cause is the excess consumption of salt, sauces and fast foods. To help remove fluid replaces it with vegetables and fruits, such as spinach or bananas, rich in potassium.

Beware the fiber
We all know that fiber is one of our best allies in any diet. However, keep in mind that the insoluble type favors intestinal bacteria that produce flatulence. Avoid them with simple tricks:

  • When eating legumes and vegetables, bet for turning them into purees. Much more digestive!
  • Promotes your intestinal flora with food that will help reduce the appearance of gases, such as yoghurt. Take two a day. As you will notice!

Infusions that work
Boldo: This tea will help to relax your stomach. Ideal before heavy meals.

Chamomile: known to all, this infusion will help eliminate digestive discomfort and, at the same time, compensate your fluid needs.

Mint: It is most appropriate when you’ve spent with meals. Favor the expulsion of gases. If you do not like the taste, try mixing it with chamomile. More effective.