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Fat-burning exercises: Check the ones which suit you

For more diets you follow, do not know what to do to end that stubborn fat from your waist or legs. With only a few weeks of cardiovascular exercise you can say goodbye to those flab that you dislike. Here we show you the best fat-burning exercises¡ Attentive!

fat burning exercises

Aerobic exercises become your allies perfect, since it is the ones that involve greater amount of muscle groups and to help you consume more energy. With them, managed to work the entire body: waist, hips, abdomen, legs, buttocks … to make them fully effective, you must practice at least 30 minutes per session and 2-3 times a week.

The ideal is by practicing in the late afternoon, because your metabolism will be accelerated and more quickly burn calories that you swallow during dinner. Start with an easy pace and tailored to your body. Gradually, and as you ease picking begins to incorporate more intensity.

The basic

Running: Alone or with friends, practice jogging at a moderate pace for 45 minutes. You can get to burn up to 500 calories. Over time, dare to incorporate the sprints and hills up to consume more and increase muscle tone. It never fails!

Bicycle: It is one of the most enjoyable sports. It’s a good bet to go to your work if it catches you very retired. If not, take advantage of the afternoon to explore the city mounted in this peculiar means of transport. Keeping a down rhythm and in 1 hour, you can lose up to 500 calories.

Spinning: It is one of the most popular sports in recent times. As if you’re recreating a stage cyclist, pedal with different intensity during approximately 50 minutes. It is one of the most effective fat-burning exercises: in one session you may lose between 400 and 900 calories.

Aerobics, dance, step: A good exercise that does it become possible through the music, and also facilitate fat burning and improve your cardiovascular system, will help keep your system up and coordination through the fun choreography.

Do you dare?
Boxing: Although it may seem a somewhat masculine sport, more and more women who dare with it. In addition to helping to stylize your figure, this exercise will help you tone your muscles, increase your reflexes and improve your endurance. If you are less daring, try kickboxing or body combat.

Climbing: It is the most recommended activity for the adventurous women and full of energy. Outdoor or platforms, you can lose up to 700 calories in an hour. A sport that requires supervision by a professional, but that will help your body feel better. A great example of personal growth!

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