Study Finds CBD Oil Reduces Blood Pressure

There is much debate regarding whether marijuana has a positive impact on our body’s cardiovascular system or whether some of the benefits of cannabis are overstated. One of the issues with previous studies was the fact they were focusing on the THC that is found in the cannabis plant, and the debate ranged around whether consuming the THC in marijuana would have a positive impact on a person’s health.

CBD oil reduces blood pressure

But what a lot of people did not realize was that it was the CBD in cannabis that could have a hugely beneficial impact on our body. A recent study was done to see whether CBD impacts blood pressure, and the results were very interesting.

Relationship Between CBD and Blood Pressure

A study was done to see whether the CBD that is found in the cannabis plant could have an impact on our blood pressure. It is understandable why so many people were curious about the study, because if buying American Hemp Oil could help them with blood pressure issues, it would be an incredible win. CBD oil is so effective at relieving pain and promoting calmness, and it does not have the side effects or risk that come with so many other blood pressure medications. But does it work? That is the real question.

Results of the Study

The study consisted of nine healthy males who were either given 600 mg of CBD or a placebo. The study was done in a randomized, double-blind manner, to ensure that no results were manipulated or doctored in any way. Remarkably, the results showed that people who were given the CBD were getting around a 6 mm HG decrease in their blood pressure.

While the figure is not huge, it directly points to the ability of CBD oil to help reduce blood pressure among those who are struggling with HBP conditions. But what is interesting is that many experts believe the relationship between CBD and blood pressure is more than just chemical. Yes, studies are showing that CBD will immediately lower blood pressure in someone compared to a placebo. But there is more to the story.

CBD and Our Overall Health

Many studies have shown a positive relationship between stress and cardiovascular issues. Whether the stress is caused by work, family, anxiety, socioeconomic issues, loneliness or some other type of situation, it does have a direct impact on our health. And issues such as high blood pressure are also related to our cardiovascular health.

We know that CBD is one of the chemicals that is found in the cannabis plant. While many use marijuana for the THC, which gets them high, CBD is the chemical that is known to have the most health benefits. And some of the health benefits could have an indirect impact on a person’s cardiovascular health. CBD oil is known for promoting calmness, making a person feel less stressed, relieving pain and helping with insomnia.

If a person is using CBD oil regularly, they are in generally better health than they were before. This could also have a hugely positive impact on their long-term cardiovascular health.