Signs that you have lack of protein

Do you have tiredness or lack of energy? You’re perhaps not feeding well and your diet is low in protein and don’t know it. Here we explains the fundamental role of proteins in our diet, and even despite the fact that the common is to eat them in excess, there is also the other extreme where its absence or deprivation wreak havoc on our body. Here are five signs that indicate you are missing proteins.

lack of protein

Excessive fatigue is one of the first signs of a lack of protein. This is due to the low calorie intake of foods we include in our diet, which are not enough to give us the energy we need during the day. The usual is to eat between 0.7 and 0.8 grams of protein per kilo of weight, meaning that if a man weighs 80 kilos, we should consume 64 grams of protein a day.

Weakness in the skin, nails and hair
The fall and weakness of the hair is another sign, since these are the proteins just keep the hair, nails and healthy skin. For example the skin is formed of 3 proteins: collagen, elastin and keratin. And its assumption means weakness.

Loss of muscle mass
The lack of proteins also represents a loss of muscle mass, which can cause cramps and muscle pain; especially in people that pass the age of 40 and more recidivism in people of the old age.

Prone to disease
The lack of proteins leads to a weakness in our defenses, which makes us rather more prone to get sick. We must remember that most of the proteins are those that sustain the immune system, in proportional levels.

Gases and constipation
Digestive problems like gas and constipation. The lack of protein affects the productions of amino acids is fundamental, which are proportional to our protein consumption. For example legumes are rich in protein, and its absence in our diet can affect at this point.