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If you do not like too intense exercises to practice but still want to strengthen your mind and body, Pilates is the sport you are looking for, as this method is perfect to improve flexibility and endurance, and help to combat stress.

pilates method

It is very clear and simple: the practice of Pilates is to achieve and maintain a harmoniously developed body in addition to achieving a healthy mind that is able to undertake daily tasks in a natural way.

What muscles are worked?
The key to this method is in the central part of the body which is known as a “power plant”. The areas that are working mainly are the transverse abdominal and straight; internal oblique, the superficial and the pyramid; the muscles of the buttocks and the back and side muscles.

In the floor or with equipment?
This method is increasingly progresses as is having more practice. It is based primarily on the principles of flow, concentration, control, precision and imagination. It is also very important to breathing, inheritance receive directly from yoga.

There are two types of Pilates: one that develops on the ground and other develops with equipment. It is best to use a combination of both, according to experts.

What gets better with the Pilates method?
It raises awareness of the body and improves body alignment and breathing. With practice also improve the efficiency of your motor, will re-educate the attention and interaction will improve your mind and your body.

It also increases the capacity and muscle definition on the sides and legs and improves overall flexibility, improving posture correction.

Relax tension and sculpt your body while creating a musculature, defined, thin, long and proportional. Many of your muscles will go deeper encouraging this practice in a very subtle, which tend to promote balance and coordination.

If you suffer from osteoporosis or menopause, it is the perfect time to start practicing this method, like if you suffer from asthma or any other disease that has to do with the respiratory system. If you have problems with urinary incontinence, also it will come in handy since it will reinforce and develop all the muscles of the pelvis.

In vertebral grips, nervous problems, mood problems, lumbago, arthritis, sciatic policy or any other muscle problems, it is also it is also advisable to practice Pilates and if you are recovering from an injury, especially of the extremities like knees, ankles or shoulders.

To start practicing Pilates you must go to a center where there is a skilled person who forming and will accompany you during the exercises. Once you have the basic notions, this method can be practiced at home.