Relieves migraine with these tips

Migraine can go from an annoying episode an enemy that affects our daily performance. But we provide some suggestions for the fight it effectively.

relieves migraine

It is not just a little pain, headache, migraines go far beyond that, making the trouble arises with such intensity that developing any parallel activity almost impossible. For those who suffer from migraine headaches the occasional problem is no more, but those women who are constantly seen as many of their days is made unusable by this condition.

In these cases it is essential to visit our doctor, but also should take into account some tips that will make the presence of migraine in our lives decrease significantly:

  • Learn to manage stress. Stress is one of the main triggers of this condition, so it is important to practice activities that help you relax, such as exercising or attending yoga classes, pilates or tai-chi.
  • Develop healthier lifestyle. Poor sleep, drinking or smoking too much and lead an unhealthy diet, have a direct impact on the frequency and intensity of migraines, that’s why it is important to avoid the excesses.
  • Reduce your diet foods that trigger migraines such as coffee, soy sauce, dairy products, red wine, sausages, high-fat foods, yeast, egg and canned. If your migraine is too strong, avoid them completely pro.
  • Instead add to your meals foods that support the reduction of migraines as ginger (in tea an excellent choice), chicken, liver, potato and fish, all rich in niacin that helps to reduce the discomfort, along with infusions such as chamomile or lavender.