How to clean your dentures

There are many tips to keep your mouth healthy, but little is said about dentures. Dentures require other care and hygiene methods.

clean dentures

Surely you’ve seen in TV: older people with broad smiles, eating apples and candy without worrying about the adhesive or the hygiene of dentures. But we all know that is not so simple, and that haphazardly use these advanced products would secure more colorful mouth, but something skinny pocket.

Fortunately, we’ve got tips to help you optimize the use of these products, and keep your dentures in optimal condition, so it last for a long time on its best appearance.

Remove dentures
First fill the bathroom sink with warm water and put a fluffy towel on the hard surface of the countertop. Dentures are expensive and fragile, and it is common that we slip of the fingers when we remove from the oral cavity.

Once outside, rest it on the towel, clean your hands, then rinse in water using the pads of your fingers, making sure to remove all traces of food from between the pieces.

How to clean dentures
To clean dental plates, use a toothbrush specially formulated, not common toothbrushes since it may damage the surface. The bristles of these special products are more firm but soft, making it easy to hygiene.

Nor should you use ordinary toothpaste because it contains abrasives that scratch the surface of the prosthesis, making depositing bacteria and eventually produce stains and odor. It is best to use special cleanser dentures, to good market price, or a little gentle glycerin soap, liquid version and rinse thoroughly to prevent unwanted smells. The baby glycerine is the best choice.

After rinsing, simply place the denture or partial plate within a glass with enough water. If you prefer, add an effervescent cleaning tablet, a common cleaning tablet, or some cleaning solution. You can also leave the denture in plain water, throughout the night.

In the morning, rinse before returning to refit, and don’t forget to use only three points of good adhesive: on the molars and the front in complete pieces. These adhesives can be rather expensive, but will last a long time used efficiently, making it highly profitable and economical.

Maintenance of the dentures
To make your dental plates, full or partial, are still clean and your mouth happy, remember sanitize once or twice a day, flossing after every meal.