Deal with memory problems

Forgetting where parked the car; do not remember the phone number that we must mark, or the name of the son of our best friend; some of the situations that should make us think if we have memory problems.

memory problems

Tips to combat forgetfulness
Forget about complex things or newly known techniques can be forgiven, because our mind is not accustomed to these names or denominations. But permanently forget normal things, basic and closely related to our daily lives, it is enough that we turn on the alarms that leads us to wonder what is happening to us.

Although at times the affected person may think he is being afflicted by disease with these symptoms, often no obvious signs that there is some pathology, and the disadvantaged must settle for listening that the mind works this way, and that the causes of so many oversights can be inscrutable.

What to do if you notice memory problems?
You may be required to take a completely opposite behavior that is being used. It is important:

  • Given the time needed to do everyday tasks, without hassles or troubles. You should not be allowed that the trouble with the clock comes from outside, family members or relatives.
  • Calendars and clocks should never miss. They allow us to be constantly aware of the time and date in which we live.
  • It is essential that the habits are easy to follow, without much mental effort.
  • Frequent reading and a dictionary at hand are important if you have trouble remembering words.
  • Not escape the crossword puzzles and creativity games: these will allow us to have our brains active.
  • Social relations with family and friends, and above all, the ability to have the problems we have trusted someone, may be the beginning of the solution.

Practical steps to take against forgetfulness
The organization of the staple things is postponed if we help our memory to regain their normal capacity. Other tasks are:

  • Save wallet, keys and cell phone always at the same place.
  • The disorder in the space we occupy most is a source of stress and forgetfulness, so we have to remove it completely.
  • Establish a system of “home reminder signage” at strategic locations of our house, with phone numbers, appointments, paperwork, meetings and instructions for handling devices, etc.
  • Compile a list of the tasks to be done and go as you cross them realized.
  • Although it may seem exaggerated, it hurts to have pictures of our relatives in sight, with the name of each.
  • Significantly reduce intake of alcohol, as this increases the forgotten.
  • Do not abandon physical activity, 30 minutes of walking a day and a healthy diet.