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Natural remedies for stomach heaviness

If after the meal of Christmas or New Year you notice stomach heaviness, here we tell you some tips to alleviate it: easy to prepare home remedies that will alleviate this unpleasant sense of heaviness and irritation. Although it is always better to prevent than cure, these dates lend themselves to excesses and perhaps very heavy food for the stomach.

remedies for stomach heaviness

The sauces, the spicy, very prepared, fried and fatty foods, sweets and chocolates, pastries, candies and others, stand out as some of the worst foods that fall into the stomach and impede digestion.

The infusions are always good home remedy for these cases: the green anise with cinnamon is a very effective combination, since it not only improves the digestive process and prevents heaviness, but also helps to control and/or prevent flatulence.

The lemon juice, a favorite for its multiple benefits, it is also an ally of digestion: the best formula is to squeeze the juice of a lemon, add water to fill the glass and add a teaspoon of baking soda. It is highly recommended to relieve stomach and soothe the burning, in case of heartburn.

If you do not have baking soda, you can take a ripe banana, fruit more than recommended softening the stomach and neutralizing stomach acid. The bananas, as well as papaya are two fruits that have between their compounds, certain enzymes that accelerate and facilitate digestion.

Another beneficial alternative for the stomach is to drink a glass of sparkling water with lemon juice and mint leaves as it is another combination that promotes the production of gastric juices. At the time that it is refreshing and feel good.

Finally, eating an orange after a fatty meal also helps digestion: citrus fruits as well as improve the digestive process, help cleanse the liver and stimulate the production of bile (a substance that is actively involved in the metabolism of lipids).

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