Hypnosis as a therapy to cure mental illness

Hypnosis is the same as talking about the ‘Flash-Back’ method. At first often leads to rejection but has never experienced, especially because often associated with some television shows and theater and the reality is that, out of all this, it is a very useful or used tool in the field of health and medical. We want to give you some more information about this method, and we encourage you to learn more about this topic used to treat some mental conditions; you will surprise!


Hypnotism is defined as the “method for producing the artificial sleep by personal influence, or adequate equipment”. This method is carried out with due regard to the needs of stakeholders and enhancing their will. The method is basically relive past moments or memories that can assume to be a source of problems in our present.

All of us have many memories that, both good and bad, sometimes determine us at the time of confronting present situations, most of these memories are always confusing and often mixed in space and time. You can say that through hypnosis come to relive those memories we have stored in the subconscious and reach a state called “individual conscience”.

The way to get to this point is through relaxation techniques, but more importantly if you want to submit to this method is to choose well where, how and who will perform us such hypnosis, because it is not a game and can sometimes be complicated and dangerous. However, the methods of regressions carried out in principle serve to alleviate certain mental disorders.