Natural foods to recover voice

The voice is one of our most valuable tools in day to day and we used to do an action that sets us apart from other animals: talk.

vocal cords problem

Shouting more than normal, cough excessively or intense cold weathers are three reasons that can cause temporary loss of voice, with all the hassle that entails. Although the body is wise and recovers gradually voice alone, eating certain foods and following natural solutions can accelerate this recovery process.

Cabbage juice and other syrups to clear your throat
Cabbage is natural foods that, taken as juice, combat aphonia and accelerates the recovery of the voice. Furthermore, by vitamin A having a large quantity, is also used to soothe the throat, and in parallel, fighting colds (another possible cause for which we were speechless).

As its flavor is not too pleasant, you can limit yourself to gargle without swallowing the solution.

Another natural syrup very well to retrieve the voice is the hedge mustard tea, which can be found in health food stores and specialty shops.

Black tea to repair the voice and vocal cords
Black tea contains anti-inflammatory substances and able to fight soothing irritation of the vocal cords, which are common after coughs to clear throat. Prepared black tea, you can add lemon juice and a couple of tablespoons sea salt, solution should allow standing for about ten minutes and then move to gargle.

Causes and solutions for voice problems
There are other natural tips to recover the voice and repair the damage of the throat.

First, smoking and alcohol are prohibited when the throat is damaged, and if so abused them, the damage done to drinking lots of water, hydrating properly the vocal cords.

Stress is another factor that can trigger problems in the voice, as it is to blame for putting undue stress on the muscles that move to talk, laugh or cry, creating complications in that area. A simple chamomile tea usually works in these cases.

Finally, sudden temperature changes, or ticks like constant throat or excessive dryness in the home environment are other three causes by which it is possible that we stay hoarse or sore throat.