Fight stress with simple exercises

Stress is a disease that afflicts much of society. The daily grind, the demands of work, family and social, worry and uncertainty of everyday life, certainly do not help combat everyday stress, so it is essential that we give our own steps to address it in the search permanently eliminate stress from our lives.

stress exercises

Here we are going to teach a very simple routine of exercises you can do daily or as regularly as you need it. There are four exercises that ultimately can improve your life in this task of combating stress. Do not miss it!

Ideas for stress exercises
To combat stress begins to wear comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear, you can even do it without shoes, in direct contact with your environment. Breathe deeply and stay away from the worries. You’re about to spend a few minutes to your health and wellness.

The first activity or exercise helps activate our energy, and revitalize. You should stand upright and open your legs up a little more than width of your shoulders, always keeping them straight, though in a comfortable pose. Stretch your arms. As you inhale slowly, pull yourself up, being almost tiptoes, and bring your arms out and up, palms outstretched and parallel to the floor. Stay a second, and returns to the starting position as you exhale and lower to the floor. Do these exercises ten times, or as you like.

Then, when you feel ready, go to the second exercise to combat stress. To do this, bend the right leg parallel to the floor, behind the left leg. Take your hands in front of chest, palms facing each other, parallel to the floor and begins to balance the weight of your body forward and back as you breathe regularly. Concentrate to forget your problems and worries while doing this exercise, first with one leg and then the other.

The third exercise to combat stress is to place the feet out, down the trunk as you breathe slowly, with your back straight and your arms slightly curved front of the body and up, while low on the body. At the bottom (as much as you can and want), hold the pose for a moment and comes back up, exhaling and taking up arms again.

The fourth exercise indicates both feet together, and bring the palms of your hands on your lower back curvature in the lumbar. With knees slightly bent, takes the body (shoulders), backwards, as you breathe slowly and focus on your worries away. Hold the pose and exhale, releasing them. Then, while you return to inspire, returns to the original pose.

After implementing these exercises to combat stress, no doubt your quality of life will be greatly benefited. Recalls them as many times as you want and an attitude and relaxed pose, with the mind set on them and not on everyday problems.