How to prepare for pregnancy

If you are thinking about having a baby soon, you will probably want that it is as healthy as possible and that the pregnancy quiet elapses without any problems. Therefore, all women are advised to prepare in advance for this special time in her life. Women who have been prepared, both physically and mentally before conception, usually have a good pregnancy and childbirth.

prepare for pregnancy

That’s why it’s so important to start taking care since before conception, since not only be responsible for their own health, but the welfare of the child is coming.

While nothing can ensure or guarantee a smooth pregnancy and a baby completely healthy, there are habits or routines that can be done to improve the chances of a safe pregnancy and a happy ending.

Habits or practices that could harm
The habits that can be harmful to the pregnancy, can also hinder the moment of conception, so it is convenient to move them from the very first moment that we want to start the search for a child.

  • To take care in pregnancy should avoid alcohol, caffeine, drugs and cigarettes.
  • Avoid consumption of drugs (including prescription) and away from chemicals, infectious diseases (such as chickenpox, measles, flu, etc..)
  • Stay away from any situation that produces stress or disturbance, will help us to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.
  • Do not perform sedentary. This does not mean you have to practice a particular sport or every week attend a gym, but simply a routine of 15 minutes walking or cycling will be sufficient to oxygenate the body and change the air, among other things.
  • Knowing the medical history and go to the doctor if known diseases that have had families, such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.

Habits or practices that could benefit
By contrast, other simple activities or habits can help at this time.

  • It is important to have a healthy body weight, possess overweight or have a weight very low can complicate the conception or even subsequently affect the pregnancy.
  • Eating healthy is another key factor to conduct a balanced diet which includes all kinds of vitamins and minerals is ideal.
  • Start with a folic acid supplement, will decrease the chances of problems in the development of neural tube baby.
  • It is good for both the mother and father do a general checkup, to see how they are clinically and be able to enjoy a healthy pregnancy.