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Myths about borderline personality disorder

The borderline personality disorder or borderline is little known, probably the closest references are those we have seen in the cinema, in films like “Breakfast at Tiffany” or “Silver Linings Playbook”. But in reality this disorder is more complex than these sweetened versions of the cinema, which has led many to confusion since there is tiled a series of myths and false beliefs around us.

borderline personality disorder

False: Borderline personality disorder is only found in women
While it is true that the number of women suffering from this disorder is higher, they are not the only ones; men can also suffer from it. As well as antisocial personality disorder, which is suffered in greater quantity by men, borderline personality disorder rests mostly on women, but does not gender discrimination.

False: Borderline personality disorder is caused by sexual abuse of childhood
Many associate sexual abuse in a stage of childhood with borderline personality disorder, but they are not synonymous. Recent studies indicate that this disorder originates from genetic and other environmental factors. That is to say that a person can be born predisposed to suffer it, but the trigger would be the complicated environment, like an insecure attachment bond, an unstable family environment, abandonment, violence, etc.

False: Those who suffer from borderline personality disorder are vague, crazy or do nothing
People who suffer from this disorder are not intentionally complicated, neither unstable nor vague. It may seem like they pretend or exaggerate, but really nothing happens to them. They often have self-esteem that is fragile and very voluble; it is not surprising that patients with borderline personality disorder constantly change their hobbies and even academic or professional goals; which can be misinterpreted as not wanting to do anything.

False: Those who suffer from borderline personality disorder are frivolous and are unable to feel love
People suffering from this disorder are not incapable of feeling; on the contrary they have problems regulating their emotions. While it is true, they have difficulty controlling their impulses and measuring the consequences of their actions; they can feel like anyone. As they often have constant episodes of discomfort, irritability, anxiety, anger or distress; often confused with frivolity or as they do not care about others.

False: Those who suffer from borderline personality disorder cannot have a family or partner
Suffering from borderline personality disorder is no obstacle to having a family or an affective relationship. Their relationships are usually neither intense nor passionate; but if they can maintain a couple relationships, with some nuances, they are afraid of abandonment and react emotionally to a separation, even if it is temporary; whereas before a rupture they can present/display self-destructive and even suicidal behaviors.

False: Borderline personality disorder has no cure
Borderline personality disorder is not incurable, nor is it a permanent or immutable condition. It is a psychological treatment is complex and is usually long, in which it is not a question of changing the personality, but modulate their patterns of behavior, thought, and emotion; seeking to be more adaptive, so that may decrease the symptoms or “negative” traits of this disorder.

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