Massages: Find the relaxation that you are looking for!

After a hard day’s work, best thing is to finish the day with a delicious massage for you to stress a tip foot and you can relax and could relax as it stems. To receive a massage is a totally rewarding experience and its effects were beneficial to both the mind and the physical.

Watsu massage

There are various types of massages that while it have different objectives and do not have a same technique, most of it improve blood circulation and seek the relaxation of the person who benefits from a massage. Say goodbye to stress and choose one of the various massages that we will present next!

Chocolate massage
Chocolate lovers may have recourse to the chocotherapy which includes among its techniques of chocolate massages. This uses a very interesting fusion of pure cocoa and cocoa butter with almond oil that helps tone up the body.

Zhang massage
You can ask to give you this massage which is one of the most complete and among its benefits mentioned the drainage of the skin, toning the body, activating the blood circulation. Zhang massage is indicated for heaviness of muscles and legs, the elimination of cellulite, and above all, to eliminate stress.

Discover the benefits of this Japanese massage whose name means “finger pressure”, and is one of the massages that are fashionable in recent times. The Shiatsu helps to maintain health in spite of the bodily ailments and helps correct as internal dysfunctions.

Watsu massage
Discover the perfect combination of the water and Shiatsu, Japanese massage therapy. The Watsu is a massage technique that leverages the body find the water to eliminate the full muscular tensions through very smooth movements that follow the principles of Shiatsu.

Chi Nei Tsang
This is a massage of Asian origin and is one of the deepest that exist. Chi Nei Tsang in addition to relieve muscle tension helps people to control their eating habits by massaging the internal organs of the abdomen, as excellent as a method of thinning.

When you feel tension you can resort to the self-massage. Although you see it difficult, you can give massages in the back by placing the right hand on the left shoulder and then you can make circles to relieve tension, you can then change arm. You can apply the self-massage to neck, hands, legs and feet.

Massages without using your hands
How do massage without hands? This is possible with the massage chairs that have been specially designed for the well-being. You can buy one to have it in your house, you can be sure that when you sit, you’ll never want to get up.

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