Calories to streak this Christmas

The Christmas are the fall and with them the sweets, nougat and mince pies. At this time of the year is easier than never pick up a kilo of more. Therefore we suggest below a few simple ideas that you can include in your eating habits to help subtract calories and able to continue to enjoy the festivities without worrying.

eating habits

Tea or coffee
Take tea or daily coffee without sugar and skimmed milk. Each teaspoon of sugar are 20 calories. According to a study, we usually take two cups of coffee a day, with a couple of teaspoons of sugar for coffee, which adds 80 calories. If you substitute the sugar by stevia, it sweetens more without adding calories.

Natural fruit juices
Take the freshly squeezed juices and sugar-free (it do not need because the fruit is already sweet). In this way, are real bombs of antioxidants and contain very few calories.

Skip instead of batter
The batter not only provides more calories (of bread or flour) but also more fat. In addition, some vitamins, for example A, disappear with the frying.

Change the bread sticks or the biscuits by carrot or celery sticks: 60 grams of biscuits are 160 calories; vegetables, only 20.

Dried fruits
In crude oil (the heat makes it lose properties) and unpeeled (with the skin that covers it, without shell): well retain more vitamins and antioxidant properties. Takes three servings daily (a ration are 3 walnuts or 6 almonds).

Seeds or grains bread
Calories are almost the same as the white bread, but its full fiber and facilitate intestinal transit, which makes your body eliminate toxins.

Cheese, which is fresh
It is much less caloric and contains less sodium. Burgos cheese brings 150-200 calories per each 100 grams compared to the 370 of the Gruyere cheese or Roquefort cheese.

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