Losing weight without dieting

You can lose weight without dieting by following a healthy balanced diet combined with light physical activity.

lose weight without dieting

To look good body in summer we should start worrying us in winter. Burn stored fat is a slow process that depends on two factors:

  1. The number of calories you eat every day for meals.
  2. The amount of fat that can burn through the practice of physical activity.

Tips for losing weight without dieting

  • The practice of physical activity helps reduce anxiety and stress, relax muscles and tone your body, while eliminating the sagging skin and combat localized fat.
  • If you’ve been led a sedentary lifestyle it is important to start with a light physical activity and for no longer than 15 minutes at the beginning; after a few days, you can gradually increase the time spent on our physical activity.
  • To reduce the number of calories per day, limit intake of high fat red meat, avoid convenience foods rich in sugar and alcohol.
  • Cooking healthy is also vital: avoid fried and battered dishes, trying steamed, grilled, baked or with the help of a wok.

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