Insulin could slow Alzheimer’s

According to medical research have been studying the brain with Alzheimer found that this disease would be cerebral diabetes, therefore they would need patients afflicted with the same, would insulin.

insulin slow alzheimers

The lack of insulin would be one of the most important causes for this disease. It is explained that this discovery process can be reversed by a healthy diet and the insulin that is needed to give the brain.

The other thing that occurs to the brain is affected with this cerebral diabetes would be processed foods with nitrates. In the most processed foods used sodium nitrate and other nitrates. Normally does not appear in the labels because they have used it for many years and they say without danger.

The meals should be avoided especially are smoked meats of all kinds, including smoked turkey, bacon, salami, etc. As they use large amounts of sodium nitrate. Processed cheeses of all kinds prefer cheese. Beers, and in the process also used high concentrations of nitrates. White flour, sugars, since nitrates are also used to make them look white.

We advise you to eat as natural as possible, including fresh cheeses, vegetables and fruits, it would be necessary to leave the beer side.

Alzheimer’s does not kill you suddenly like a heart attack, is a slow and painful process that affects the quality of life in its entirety, and it is a tremendous psychological and emotional burden for the family.

For this reason, it is very important learn, and share with those who you believe may be of interest them such information.