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Basic needs of newborn baby

What a baby needs

There are certain physiological needs that are essential for the newborn baby to adjust to the new reality that has come to live from birth, but also occur in this same period, emotional needs that are equally basic and which is more easy sometimes forget:

newborn baby basic needs

Need for proximity: The neonate has a real need to be as close as possible to the mother, and have a physical contact with her to mitigate the disruption that has caused the exit of the womb.

Need for constant stimuli: The newborn is guided by subtle perceptions: as quality of pressure, smell, etc.. If in the first weeks of life is not maintained constancy and caring environment, is taken aback by the changes with great difficulties in orientation, which is the starting point for the recognition and differentiation.

Needs of pace: At birth, the child has established a certain rhythm. It is important to adapt to it to assist the recovery of balance. Forcing the infant to follow a different rate equivalent to subject him to an extra effort will cost him greatly, and it can also become a disruptive factor of his personality.

Need for physical contact and touch: Through physical contact and cuddling the child receives information from the outside world and of his own body, and it helps build up a picture of himself and know the border between him and the outside world. In the strictly physiological also believed that the touch is a stimulus that contributes to the maturation of the nervous system.

Need for immediate gratification: The baby feels hunger, cold, loneliness, feelings that do not have the means to meet and to be unbearable. Until you have gone through an apprenticeship, you can experience the feeling of displeasure as temporary. It is a mistake, therefore, to think that the newborn can expect, since all that is achieved is to increase their level of anxiety, which only serves to hinder their maturation. A child’s education can only begin when the baby has gained a degree of autonomy.

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