Hypertension and sports

In this article we will discuss a disease afflicting many people in the world and needed to treat or at least reduce it to a good diet and physical exercise. We are referring to the “high blood pressure or hypertension”.

Hypertension and exercise

It refers to the trip that the blood carries out the arteries to a greater pressure that the desirable one for the health. In some cases, the disease is manifested as dizziness, nosebleeds, and headaches, but not necessarily has to onset of symptoms. It is that the majority of those affected do not have symptoms; this does not mean that hypertension is not dangerous. Many of the deaths that occur each year are directly related with hypertension and its implications on the cardiovascular system or the kidney.

What to do in front of a box of hypertension? First, it is essential to eat a diet low in salt, which is usually concentrated in soups and prepared foods, among other things. With a small teaspoon per day and will cover the daily requirement of salt. You must read the labels of packaged products to make this type of diet low in sodium since sodium is also found in yeast, MSG, etc..

Moreover, because the obesity is linked to hypertension, it is important to a diet low in calories, ie about 1200 calories with low fat intake.

Physical activity is also essential in this type of treatment, so a program of aerobic exercise will help strengthen the heart, decrease weight and control blood pressure. Of course, the exercise should be adjusted to every age and every person. Also perform half hours of mild exercise two or three days per week will be sufficient for most people.

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