How to relieve toothache

We all have endured the toothache almost everyone at some point in our lives, is very common and at the same time is one of the most intense pains that exists.

relieve toothache

Usually toothache relate to the existence of any cavities, because decay causes toothache when affecting the nerve. However, there are other causes of toothache and earache, sinusitis, an injury to the jaw or mouth and tooth abscess.

Accompanying the tooth pain can be other symptoms that are also common as swelling in the mouth, bad breath, and beats in the area where you feel pain.

Here give you some tips that will be of great utility when you suffer from toothache:

  • When you have swelling from toothache put cold compresses on the outside of the cheek.
  • Keep head high to help relieve the pressure of the area and try to distract you and keep you busy in some activity such as hiking or biking, as the endorphins released after 25 minutes are natural painkillers.
  • Place a small amount of essence of clove directly on the affected area, this will relieve the pain quickly. Or prepare a mouthwash using an infusion of elder, a pinch of pepper, salt and 1/3 cup of wine.
  • It is also good for relieving pain chewing fresh parsley in the painful area, or keep for a few seconds a mouthful of liquor, alcohol will be absorbed by the gums and numb the area.

The main thing is that when you get the pain do not despair, follow these tips and go to a dentist.

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