How to prevent teenage acne

The teenage acne is very common. Adolescence is a wonderful stage of life. From age 13, approximately, is when we began to relate to people who like us physically, so that the aesthetic plays a big role.

Acne can be caused of a crackdown on teenagers who may think that too many pimples affect his image. This is why acne is a very annoying problem in many young people.

teenage acne

There are many myths about acne, many beliefs about how to fight and many ideas about what really acne causes in teenagers.

Many of these beliefs are not true, at best do nothing, but can also occur that are counterproductive to the skin. It is essential when fighting acne, have good hygiene. But here we must be careful as it is not recommended to wash the skin with any soap, but only with those who have a neutral pH, for example, glycerin soap.

You also need to maintain good nutrition. Much is said about the excessive consumption of certain foods such as chocolate.

The truth is that if you keep eating rationed and distributed, the probability that a teenager has acne will be much lower.

It is necessary to consume foods rich in vitamin A, this is so because they serve to maintain an elastic skin which does not dry and which enables the circulation of blood. Vitamin A makes the skin look much better, more natural and youthful.

Separate question deserve teens with highly developed acne. When this is so the situation becomes too annoying and can be some hormonal problems.

In these cases there is no general recipe, or any homemade recipe. All you have to do these cases go to a doctor as soon as possible with experience and knowledge of the subject.

Not every doctor will know perfectly how to fight acne. The doctor should be a specialist in adolescent acne dermatologist.