Home remedies to prevent belching

Burping is a natural event after eaten. It is unnecessary expulsion of gases in the stomach while drinking, swallow or talk. It is usually a little uncomfortable when we are around other people, it is therefore necessary to learn some home remedies to avoid burping.

remedies for belching

Remedies for belching

Cold Milk
Cold milk has proven to be effective in reducing heartburn. Relieves burning sensation and prevents gas formation in the stomach.

When we eat highly spiced foods, is likely to increase the acidity in the stomach which in turn leads to the expulsion of gases. One of the most useful remedies to relieve the stomach is chewing some mint leaves.

Healthy Diet
Try to avoid products high in fat and high in cholesterol, and very spicy food consumption which increase the acidity. On the other hand, overeating is not good because it increase the chances of forming stomach gas, resulting in belching. Avoid products such as ice cream and tortillas.

Eat slowly
Many people have the bad habit of eating fast to save time. But you must remember that when we not chew well the digestion is not complete, forming excessive gas. The ideal is to eat slowly to avoid talking, so that no air swallowing and belching occur.

Canned Food
Junk food is usually canned containing carbon dioxide to prevent deterioration. The same applies to soft drinks that are carbonated and lead to the formation of gases. Choose best juices and fresh food.

Cigars and chewing gum
These products produce excessive salivation, which favors the process of burping. Avoid this type of addiction. If you need to compensate for the anxiety that causes you to stop smoking, consuming preserves of fruit that are healthier and do not produce as many belching.

Although burping is a natural body function, we can follow some home remedies to prevent unnecessary gas forming in our body, especially following a healthy diet and avoiding artificial products.

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