Health begins with prevention

Before reaching the point where our health is affected by following a few bad habits, we need to decant to maintain a lifestyle habits that prevent our health deteriorate. That there is what is known as preventive medicine that specializes in anticipating all symptoms and thus prevent the development of diseases whose cure and treatment would be much more complicated and expensive, sometimes even impossible to cure.

prevent health deteriorate

One of the things we need to do to prevent our body from getting sick is to dedicate the hours needed to rest. Neither likely or unlikely but we need, since sleep less or more can cause overweight problems that can drag syndromes such as diabetes, obesity or excess cholesterol, the result can lead to other health problems which is much more serious.

It is also very important to spend a few minutes a week to exercise regularly. It is best to make several short sessions several days a week spend few hours crushing our body in some very intense exercise. It should start slowly and go increasing the sessions as we will see costing less work.

Brushing your teeth, despite being something that we are strongly recommended, it is so important that you can seem like a lie. Studies have found some cases of stroke associated with poor hygiene in the mouth. You have to brush your teeth three times a day and visit at least once a year to dentists that make a complete review. As some experts say, health begins with the mouth, so you have to take good care of everything that enters our body it to prevent health problems.