Requirements to become a donor

To be a sperm donor must meet many requirements that make the candidate of percentage is very high. Donors must not only have perfect health, but also must have high quality semen and a family history of inherited diseases that do not appear.

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They are also taken into account factors such as physical appearance and personality, although these features are primarily collected to help select a candidate based on their affinity for the receptors of the sperm donation. In terms of the intelligence just have a normal IQ to be a donor.

It is necessary to be a young person. Most of the clinics allowed donations of men aged 18 to 35, although by law it can admit donors up to 50.

It is also essential not to have health problems, especially genetic or infectious diseases. Neither can suffer any mental illness. Also review the medical history of the donor’s family; to exclude hereditary diseases can be transmitted to make the donation.

Another important requirement is that you cannot have engendered more than 6 children to be able to make donations.

If you meet the above conditions, it makes an initial test sample to check the quality of semen. There is concentration of sperm per cm³, mobility, morphology, etc. Further testing is performed freezing/thawing of the sample, since not all resist this process.

Medical tests are performed to obtain the blood group of the donor, his Rh factor and tests are performed to rule out diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis, AIDS, etc.